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Energy Security and Prospects for Democracy: EU-Russia Energy Relations as a Case Study

Marco Giuli - Research Fellow, Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation

7 June 2011, Brussels

This paper aims to decipher whether several energy policy options aimed at increasing energy security are likely to drive the political framework of Russia towards more openness and democracy. Despite the fact that being an energy power offers little incentive for the political leadership to accelerate democratisation, neither would a downsizing of the Russian role as an energy exporter accelerate this process. As such, interdependence continues to be the preferable option although there is room to improve it in order to make consistent the quest for energy security and the push of European values.

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Assessing IMF Reform: Shifting Power but No Model?

Marco Giuli - Research Fellow, Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation

Madariaga Paper, Vol. 4, No. 8 (Jun., 2011)

This paper aims at presenting a summary of the recent reforms of the International Monetary Fund of 2006, 2008, and 2010 with reference to governance, distribution of quotas and voting rights, surveillance, and lending policy. Despite a welcome shift in terms of quota shares and voting rights, the current reform is far from substantial in terms of the adoption of new paradigms, limiting itself to sealing a power shift from the G7 to the G20, without establishing a role for the IMF in terms of governance of a transition to a different international monetary system.

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