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Challenging Citizens

Can there be an EU democracy without an EU demos? The EU Institutions provide ample space for public engagement but, as yet, this space has not been filled. This is where the ‘democratic deficit’ lies: less an institutional deficit than a citizenship deficit. The European citizen has to take ownership of EU affairs.

One way to stir up EU citizenship is to foster a robust political debate at the pan-European level so as to enhance the perception of a ‘European common good’ distinct from the sum of national interests.

The Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation will strive, through research and action, to secure fair and contrasting views on key EU issues so as to make the pan-European political debate more substantive and proactive.

This programme will focus the citizen’s attention, through a series of debates and conferences highlighting the issues at stake such as the trade-offs or choices between:

  • Solidarity and competitiveness
  • Industrial strength and climate change
  • Unity and diversity
  • Strategic dependence and a balanced Transatlantic Partnership
  • Energy and Environment
  • Trade and Development
  • Collective security and personal liberties

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Choosing between a Conflict and a Frozen Conflict

Marco Giuli/4 eptember 2014
Dying of Tactics? The UK Down a Dangerous Path
Marco Giuli/19 June 2014

Post-Electoral Remarks 

Marco Giuli/3 June 2014



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