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Affranchir l'Europe du TTIP et du dollar

Madariaga Paper Vol.8, N.1, (Mars 2015)

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director

Revisiting Energy Security in Turbulent Times

Discussion paper, Brussels Think Tank Dialogue 2015

Clémentine d'Oultremont, Aurélie Faure, Marco Giuli

Ethics and Geopolitics Replacing the Market as Europe's Unifying Principles

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.11, (December 2014)

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director

China and the Emergence of a Multipolar Currency Regime

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.10, (October 2014)

Prof. John Ryan, St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge

Departing from TTIP and Going Plurilateral

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.9, (October 2014)

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director

The South Stream in the Wake of the Ukrainian Crisis: a Test Case for the Third Energy Package

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.8, (September 2014)

Marco Giuli, Research Fellow

China, 1978-2013: from one Plenum to Another. Reflections on Hopes and Constraints for Reform in the Xi Jingping Era

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.7, (July 2014)

Eric Florence, University of Liège

Eurozone Sovereign Debt Restructuring Is Unavoidable

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.6, (May 2014)

John Ryan, Professor of Economics, University of Cambridge

Marché transatlantique ou identité européenne?

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.5, (May 2014)

Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director, MCF

After the Single Resolution Compromise: Mission Accomplished?

Madariaga Paper Vol.7, N.4, (May 2014)

Marco Giuli, Research Fellow, MCF

In the Media

Uber: Innovation or déjà vu?

Marco Giuli and Ilaria Maselli / CEPS Commentary - 25 February 2015 

RTBF Interview Pierre Defraigne on Greece

Pierre Defraigne / RTBF-La Première - 23 février 2015 

Carrefour de l'Europe

 Pierre Defraigne / RFI - 15 février 2015

La Semaine de l'Europe

 Pierre Defraigne / RTBF-La Première - 8 février 2015

 Faut-il armer l'Ukraine?

 Pierre Defraigne / La Libre Belgique - 8 février 2015

Calling the Grexit Bluff

 Marco Giuli/ Social Europe Journal - 7 January 2015






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