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China: State of play on growth and on its policy for innovation. What place for our companies with high technological added value?
28 March 2013, Brussels, 10:00 - 18:00

In order to become a leading economic actor, China has been undertaking a transformation not only from an export-driven to a domestic-driven growth model, but also from being the workshop of the world to an important player in the high technology industry. The «12th Five-Year Development Plan for National Strategic Industries» (published on 9 July 2012) encourages the development of seven industries defined as «strategic emerging industries» : new energy auto industry, energy-saving and environmental protection, new generation information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy industry and new material industry. The development of these industries is an economic as well as political goal for China because it can help enhance the capability for self-innovation and strengthen sustainable development, contributing to the country’s competitiveness on the world market.

This change in growth pattern raises various questions :

How to innovate and continue to ensure a strong growth in an extremely competitive environment? What are the policies and tools implemented by the government to help the high-tech sector? What is the actual state of the high-tech market in China and of the human resources pool? Which reforms are still needed to help pursue this technological catch-up? What is Europe’s margin of manoeuvre and the obstacles that EU companies face in China? What future challenges await EU companies in these fields?

This training was organised for European companies and businesses by the Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation, the Confucius Institute at the University of Liège, Interface Entreprises-Université de Liège and Awex.


 Creemers' presentation

 Guo's presentation 

To access Creemers' website (translations of China media and copyright policy, including materials on Internet and new technology policy): 


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Call for Papers

The EU and the Emerging Powers 2015: Cooperation and Competition in Knowledge and Technology

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