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Debt Mutualisation: Breaking the Taboo?
21 March 2013, Brussels, 13:00 - 14:30

Despite the Council's attempts to address the negative feedback loops between sovereign and banking crises, borrowing costs remain volatile so that schemes of common bond issuance persistently remain on the institutions' agendas. What kinds of measures and sequencing could be adopted to overcome the triple obstacle of moral hazard, legal constraints, and increasing borrowing costs for AAA countries? Should a common bond issuance scheme be targeted at the short term (Eurobills) or the long term (Eurobonds)? What can be done with or without a Treaty change? In case an integrated and liquid bond market emerges, is Europe politically ready to take on the international responsibilities stemming from the issuance of a global reserve currency?  

Citizen’s Controversy with Sylvie Goulard, Member of the European Parliament (ALDE), and Ansgar Belke, Professor of Macroeconomics at the University of Duisburg-Essen.  

The debate was be moderated by Pierre Defraigne, Executive Director, Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation.




Call for Applications

Peace Tour Award for Outstanding Chinese Students in Europe

The Peace Tour Award has been jointly set up by the Madariaga-College of Europe Foundation (MCF) and the Europe-China Cultural and Educational Foundation (ECCEF), the European branch of the Peace Tour Committee - World Famous Chinese Artists Global Painting Peace Tour Committee - in order to grant awards to outstanding Chinese students or researchers studying in the European Union.

Results of the Jury's deliberation will be delivered by the end of July.

The date of Award Ceremony will be made public as soon as possible. 

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