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Pierre Defraigne

Pierre Defraigne has been Executive Director of the Madariaga - College of Europe Foundation since April 2008. An economist and European civil servant from 1970 to 2005, he retired as Deputy Director-General in DG Trade in March 2005 after having been Head of Cabinet for Pascal Lamy, European Commissioner for Trade (1999-2002). Previously, he was Director for North-South Relations, and Head of Cabinet for Etienne Davignon, Vice-President of the European Commission (1977-1983). He has set up the Brussels branch of the French Institute for International Relations (Eur-Ifri), which he managed from 2005 to 2008. Defraigne is a Belgian national.

Defraigne regularly publishes on EU-China relations, eurozone governance and macroeconomic issues through the Foundation's journal the Madariaga Papers. He also regularly publishes articles in numerous newspapers and journals including Le Monde, the European Voice, La Libre Belgique, La Tribune and La Croix. Defraigne is also regularly invited to speak at conferences and is interviewed for television channels such as euronews and radio stations such as Radio France Internationale.

Pierre Defraigne is a lecturer in economics at the College of Europe (Bruges) and at the Institute for European Studies (UCL and FUSL). He is also a visiting professor at Zhejiang University (China). His research interests focus on international economic policies, political economy and relations with developing countries.

Selected Publications

  • The EU Integration Model is Obsolete: Let's Build Up a Euro Community
  • L'enjeu est bien plus que l'euro
  • China Should Put Trade Multilateralism First
  • China, the Reluctant Monetary Player
  • An Answer to the Crisis: Social Model and Political Union
  • L’eurozone: discipliner les marches, solidariser les Etats
  • La Grèce s'enfonce dans l'austérité, l'Europe face à ses responsabilités
  • Priorities Arising from the Economic Crisis: Towards an Economic Union
  • L'Europe doit se doter d'un corps politique qui assurera sa pérennité 
  • EU-China: Close Cooperation on the Multilateral Agenda

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